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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Consequences’ of the end of oil

This is a three part report on the predicted impacts of peak oil to society and the world economies. The report while couched in the jargon of the scientific academia is terrifying in its implications. This scholarly article is a joint effort between two highly respected organizations.

Feasta, a leading international think-tank exploring the interactions between human welfare, the structure and operation of human systems, and the ecosystem which supports both, and,

The Risk/Resilience Network, an initiative which was established in order to understand energy induced systemic risk, the scope for risk management, and general and emergency planning.

For god,s sake at least look at the summary of the report

This paper talks about the likely systemic impacts of peak oil, including the possibility of collapse. With a long publication such as this, it is difficult to know how to present a reasonable subset of the material. In this post, we are publishing the Summary as Part 1. Our tentative plan is to publish three additional excerpts from the paper later. Those who wish to read the paper now can download it from the link .

The lead author of this publication is David Korowicz. You may remember him for his talk at the Oil Drum/ASPO Conference at Alkatraz, Italy last summer called Things Fall Apart: Complexity, Supply Chains, Infrastructure & Collapse.

Tipping Point: Near-Term Systemic Implications of a Peak in Global Oil Production - Part 1 - Summary (report excerpt)

by Gail Tverberg

For Example : The credit crisis exemplifies society's difficulties in the timely management of risks outside our experience or immediate concerns.  TRANSLATION people and society cannot handel events outside its immediat experiance AKA dident see it comming now were screwed, save me save me.

As individuals, and as a social species we put up huge psychological defences to protect the status quo. We've heard this doom prophesied for decades, all is still well! What about technology? Rising energy prices will bring more oil! We need a Green New Deal! We still have time! We’re busy with a financial crisis! This is depressing! If this were important, everybody would be talking about it!
TRANSLATION Its always been that way my daddy, mydaddies daddy  have been living the fat happy good life and so will I.

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