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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Signs of Occupy Wall Street from around the county

I myself, wondered what if any message is coming out of the occupy Wall Street movement that has appeared not only in New York but around the country now. I searched Images of the protesters signs, and have included  the sayings, statements and slogans that are variously scrawled painted printed on cardboard and pizza boxes flags and banners and a few nicely printed by unions and other organizations.  I did not find any clearly unifying message but there are some common trends.  People are hurting economically in a lot of ways; they can’t find jobs and are living with friends or parents.    
 People are scared they will lose the little they have now and, are mad that the rich corporations and companies have gotten a bailout at our expense, and that nothing has really changed at the banks or on Wall Street.  In short people are mad as hell and regardless of the mixed message and views of the protesters, the government has to be crapping its pants at the thought of what the protests will look like when the unemployment runs out, or the market finally crashes.
Please take a look and comment on anything that stand out and by all means add to the list for me please. This is just a sample from a few hours of searching. I haven’t changed anything or pick and choose. Enjoy and comment.

Cleveland OH

A job is a right: Fight to get one fight to keep one.

SEIU We are the 99%.

I got 99 problems but the rich got none.

Wheres our loop hole.

Greed will be the end of America

Vote no on issue #2 (Repeals the new Ohio state collective bargaining law)

People over profit.

New York

We are the 99%

Transport union workers votes to support occupy Wall St.

Workers rights are human rights

Regulate Wall St Now.

NO MORE CRIMES in the name of Democracy.

Industrial Civilization is Murder.

A Few Prosper Millions Suffer.

Stop Capitalism.

WAR IN IRAQ Recession
Unemployment  War in Afghanistan.
Who’s Making Money
Wall Street

You are the 99% Join us.

Hey Wall Street Suck my  Debt.

Wall Street Bling-Bling
Americans Bing-Ping Poor.

Hitler’s Bankers Wall Street.

United Against Citizens United.

# Occupy Wall Street.

99% Serve 1% Occupy Wall Street.

I can’t afford a lobbyist I’m the 99%.

I’m a student with $25.000 in school loans I’m the 99%. Socialist party USA.

No more corruption get Corporations out of Law Making.

We are the 99% don’t back down.

Stop the Federal Reserve.

Wall Street and corporations have corrupted the Political Process.

Stop the War on workers (Union)

There IS enough to go around.

O.W.S For a better World.

Wall Street is Our Street.

A job is a right, Capitalism Doesn’t work (Workers World Party)

Due to recent budget cuts the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

Carried interest loop hole
Tax breaks for Bonuses
$ Stock options
CBO Pay inflation.

The people are too big to fail.

Weed not Greed.

Proud Union Mama.

Shit is Fucked Up and Bullshit.

We’ll Create jobs Soon……Someday…..We promise
The Billionaires.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free, Goethe.

Money Hungry Fascist Bankster.

People not Proffits.

Compassion does not exist in a profit driven economy.

As of March 2011 congress has approved $1.288 Trillion for military operations. End War now.

Wall Street 1% We are the other 99%.

Can ordinary people really change government?

People Before Profits.

This Financial district is responsible for most of the poverty and suffering on this Planet!

I won’t believe corporations are people until Texas executes one.
An alternate version of this seen in Dallas reads:” I won’t believe corporations are people until Rick Perry executes one”.

No Frack (I can only assume this applies to gas and oil fracking process or a battle Star Galacticia fan).

Even in a good economy I’m unemployed.

Screw you Mr. CEO. (Unless you’re hiring.)

We demand sweeping unprecedented change.

Were like the tea party only with fewer misspellings.

Don’t bail out Wall Street Bail out the Porta potty on Fulton Street. (City Hall).

Dissent is patriotic.

5 years service to this country, including 2 deployments. 4 years to get my degree. 1 year looking for a job, drained my savings to survive. I would be homeless if I didn’t have people who cared about me I am the 99%.

If you never change your mind why have one ?

No bulls, no bears, only pigs.

America failed as a society because of so called Christians.

Arrested yesterday back today this tide will sweep the nation.

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.
Give me back my future.

Dallas TX

Honkies Why don’t you take you’re asses back to Europe. ( Image Of Che Guevara on the sign Ironic given his position on blacks)

Debt Is Slavery.

Revolt against Socialism

End The Fed.

Class Warfare?

When I Fuck Up who bails me out- No one.

If I had a job I wouldn’t be here.

Rome Burns Again.

Don’t Frack me over.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Media Bias For Mitt Romney Is Ignored By Most Americans

Americans appear leery of Mitt Romney and Rick Perry as reflected by the recent polls that show Herman Cain generally in the lead with Romney and Perry lagging behind, Despite the major push by the media for Romney. The straw polls clearly indicate that Americans are looking for something besides the same career politicians that have performed so poorly. In asking people who they favor in these still early stages of the process virtually every one has responded in some fashion any one but Obama. On follow-up about the candidates specifically these were the results  

Mitt Romney: He might be better than Obama but we don’t trust him. Romney has name recognition but little else, it seems most feel that he is just another slick rich guy in a suit that has improved his pitch, with little if change to the candidate he was in 2008. Romney’s positions on many issues seem more a reflection of electability, than strong convictions on his part. People lack confidence in his will conviction or ability to actually make needed changes and see just another big government Republican who is too liberal for most conservatives and moderates and apparently not liberal enough for the liberals.

Most of the people I interviewed just didn’t trust Romney. When asked about the fact he is Mormon, generally people didn’t acknowledge it was a factor in the decisions except with fundamentalist Christians.

Rick Perry: Oh my god not another president from Texas! Perry again is another big name republican that the media have been touting since even before his announcement to run . While Perry says many of the things that conservatives want to hear, some of his actions contradict his declaration of conservatism such as the HPV vaccine and the in state tuition for the children of illegal’s. Many want Perry to be what he says he is, conservative, fiscally responsible and small government. Many would like to give him the credit for the excellent Economic condition of Texas but just are not sure at this point.  And, have trust issues with Perry  but not necessarily to the level that they do with Romney. Perry does not seem as attractive with moderates and social liberals, but you can’t please everyone. He may still be a contender but only time will tell.

Michel Bachman: Started off with a bang early on but has been unable to make a coherent statement on any issue of policy or intent. Basically running on the, I’m not Obama platform.  This combined with her vague confusing statements and such plumbs as her “subservience” to her husband have made what initially seemed a promising candidate a lost cause. While it’s too soon to count anyone out, because hey, it’s politics folk’s, but most people seem to have written Bachman off as this point.

Ron Paul: Paul is extremely popular with some Tea party members and economic conservatives if he can move a bit to the center on certain key issues its possible he could be a viable contender for the nomination. Paul has been on the fringes of politics for years despite being a US congressman from Texas since the 70’s. Paul has always seemed to be the perennial outsider, Paul supporters are a small but dedicated group that supports him with the fervor of the true faith and to question Paul’s views is to invite a diatribe upon the virtues of Ron Paul. While many favor his domestic and economic policy’s, his controversial and isolationist foreign policy place him at a disadvantage with many voters due to  his controversial and unpopular views on Israel, Iran, Osama Bin Laden and the possible impeachment of president Obama for the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki..

Herman Cain: Has emerged as a major contender for the republican nomination suprising Republican insiders and the MSM. Cain A virtual unknown just a few months ago has catapulted into the forefront of the race in recent weeks. Cain a successful black business man from humble beginnings, has become the candidate of choice in recent weeks for conservatives, Tea party members and many moderates. Cain’s plainspoken matter of fact approach to his campaign and policy’s appear to have struck a cord with many Americans. Cain’s 999 economic plan and his clearly explained position on the issues is a refreshing change from candidates who refuse to take a position on any issue.   

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Goverment Emblem "The Condom"

The Government should change its emblem to that of a condom because it more clearly reflects the government’s political stance.

A condom stands up to inflation,

halts production,

destroys the next generation,

protects a bunch of pricks,

and gives you a sense of security

while you’re actually being screwed.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anti Wall Street Protests What Is the Real Message

There is so much anger in general across the country today, and by virtually every segment of the population against Washington in general, and the President and Congress in particular.  One has to wonder that anyone would deliberately fan the flames of what could easily become the next revolution. The only certainty is that as the economic situation becomes worse, the protests will escalate and make it harder for our fearful politicians to make any reductions in any entitlement program that affect any group.    

The paralysis and platitudes of both party’s will remain ineffective, and all the while the economy crumbles under the massive weight of its own inertia, buried in entitlements that we simply cannot afford  and burdened by taxes and regulation preventing the very economic recovery, without which all of our darkest fears may very well come true.

 The protests in New York which seem more like an excuse to party than to change the world, sound childish and filled with vague threats. There ranks filled with ultra liberal factions, unions and others, of the same socialist bent who all seem to take there talking points straight from the pages of the Coming Insurrection.  The “spontaneous” support from the unions and big money liberal organizations and the bizarre coverage by the MSM do not give us a coherent picture of the protests themselves while every politician seems bent on twisting the event to there own purposes.

Protesters say they were inspired by the “Arab Spring” seemly ignoring the implications of the string of violent protests, muslim uprisings and violent revolution they so admire.  The apparent disconnect between the message of this protest  and its effect make the whole thing seem more a political stunt inspired by behind the scenes liberal movers and shakers than any sort of true uprising by the mostly spoiled liberal whiners currently seen on television.
The protest has at least initially been instigated purely for political purposes over the last few months. It also seems clear that the instigators either don’t understand the risks of such an undertaking and the volatile unpredictable nature of such a mob or they don’t care about the continued decline of the United States or maybe that’s really the point.

No New Taxes during a recession says Obama , BUT

Read my lips no new taxes, famous words that turned out, not to be true for Bush senior and even more not true now.  The candidates don’t seem to get it, the president doesn’t get it and most certainly the house and senate don’t seem to understand people have reached the breaking point where those who work in this country are being penalized for the very fact that they are working. The air in Washington if filled with the smell of fear the elections are coming and politicians of all stripes and party are scrambling to say anything do anything to ensure their survival in the coming election
President Obama drags out the same tired rhetoric he has used for the previous three years and that he uses each time he wants to pass the next stimulus the next package the next bill.
The percentage of Americans who believe the rhetoric grows less and less with his approval rating lower than forty six percent in traditionally democratic states and even lower in swing and republican states the future of his presidency is gravely in doubt.

But it’s not just the Presidents tax and spend approach that’s the problem it’s the same old tax and spend philosophy of the party’s despite the promises and the rhetoric. Taxes keep going up but primarily to the working and middle class while the entitlements never end for the unemployed and the welfare recipients. At this point with rising food costs, inflation, and increasing medical costs due to Obama care.

No one doubts that there a re a few people that need help but one side of the equation believes that help means, doing it all and requiring zero effort of the recipient and providing such  a high standard of living for doing nothing, is an affront to every hard working American.

The government is supposed to support a level playing field not control the outcome. The simple fact is that not every one is willing to do what it takes to enjoy any level of success. The immature and irresponsible refuse to do anything that requires effort or work..

Not everyone is or will be successful, the government cannot fairly administer aid the best the very best the government can do is stay the hell out of the way.

President Obama ,Americans Are Worse Off

President Obama agrees that Americans are indeed worse off than they were four years ago but no surprise there is a but .
 The Presidents failure to take any responsibility for his administration its actions or its consequences only serve to highlight his failure as a leader both domestically and abroad. It’s clear that our president has little if any leadership ability or any understanding of what it means to be a leader its not all fun and games and ovations and parades
 In his interview during an exchange between Obama and George Stephanopoulos of ABC News. President  Obama said “Well, I don't think they're better off than they were four years ago.”
He then went on with a litany of excuses as to why none of this is his fault and again how the whole thing happened before he was elected. I don’t know about you but (pun intended) I for one am tired of the leader of the free world being a petulant whiner.
 We have all heard it before and frankly do not care about his excuses as to why none of his policies have had any of the effects that he and his administration promised. Speaking of promises, what did not happen, to all the ones he made on the campaign trail, but were not talking about that are we, nor is anyone in the MSM.

I don’t think that Mr. Obama understands that really we all want him to succeed here. The Presidents failure at this point has had the most disastrous affect seen in this country in three generations and it is not a game, a score or a touchdown were talking about here, but what may possibly be the future and possibly the very survival of this country.
 The president has gotten his way on just about every issue he has brought to the table the massive second leg of the tarp the Obama care bill, and he has single handedly led the biggest increase in the federal government in history.
 Mr. Obama comes across as arrogant, and offended, that most Americans disapprove of his performance and his administration. Mr. Obama was given unprecedented leeway upon his election as the first black president of the United States, and the very platform he ran on was hope and change unfortunately he has only delivered on the change and that for the worse and we seem to but all but out of hope at this point.

Mr. Obama has stated that he does not believe in American exceptionalism and I would have to say that I completely agree in his case. The elitist attitude that he and his administration have displayed are the worst aspects of the liberal class with none of the ability. One can say that he is at least fair in his disdain, not only with the common man and his political opponents, but with the very people who voted him into office. His recent remarks to the Congressional Black Caucus set off a storm of criticism from the black community, the very people from which he received the majority of his support during his campaign.

 Its clear that in the presidents opinion that despite the three years of his leadership his political appointments his initiatives his ridiculous spending to prop up insolvent company’s, corrupt banks, and failing industry and despite the virtual takeover of the economy by his appointees that none of this is his fault..

I would say to the president what was told to me when I was a young buck Sergeant in the army during what is euphemistically called a learning opportunity. “You can delegate authority bit you cannot delegate responsibility” Simply put Mr. President as Harry Truman said the buck stops here, with you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Obama Orders to kill americans Legal

The recent killing of Anwar al-Awlaki has justifiably unleashed a growing storm of controversy over the killing of two U.S citizens . The two were unquestionably terrorists and one could assume classified as enemy combatants and legitimate targets in a time of war. The strike is problematic for several reasons one of the most glaring is the apparent secrecy of the quote unquote air tight legal justification purported from un named officials high in the Obama administration. If this extremely concerning new legal precedent is so above board, why the hesitation to release the information?  The president and the federal government themselves are bound by the same laws as the rest of us and if this was indeed a good shooting or air strike In this case, why the resistance to submit there policy for public, legal and judicial review?

 This administration has made much of its transparency and yet at every turn the President and his administration seem to conduct all business behind closed doors. These acts no matter the unquestioned legitamicy of the targets in this, case open the door to a whole array of unsettling precedence such as under what circumstances can the president of the united states decide that you a U.S should be killed.  Is this a legal decision that the president can make, and if so what is to stop him form making such a decision within the United States.

President Obama’s actions to date including the barrage of executive orders issue by his white house seem to point more toward someone who does not feel that the rules apply to him and that he can with the waive of a wand or in this case an executive order  by pass rules laws and the constitution at need.

While I can’t help but be glad that such an enemy has been eradicated I also cant help but be very disturbed in the manner of its accomplishment. The president after all is not judge jury and high executioner or is he.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

American Apathy on the road to serfdom

It is the nature of government to seek to expand itself, it is like the nature of all things to grow and become more. It’s like the tree in your yard that you plant for shade that over time almost unnoticed takes over the whole yard. A little judicial pruning could have over the years kept it in check. For whatever reason you failed to do the pruning. Maybe you were too busy or had other commitments maybe you were just too lazy or didn’t understand that things have to be maintained. For whatever reason you now have a mighty task ahead. What would have once been simple and painless is now a major undertaking requiring a crew of people and the power company.  Because the out of control tree has limbs not only in your yard but the neighbors as well.  You neighbor likes the shade and refuses to let you into there yard to trim the mighty limbs and if you simply cut them you will crush there fence. 

 Such has become our government, extending its reach into every faucet of our lives and step by step over the last seventy years or so it has become a parasite living off the life blood of the American people. Who is to blame? In the end it is “We the people” who are ultimately responsible. Its is we who have been asleep at the switch and have let the government take more and more control over our lives.

 Where did the idea that the government knows best come from? Well from the government of course. There are now several generations of people that have swallowed the fiction that the government knows what its doing and that its looking out for you.

 Many of people have given the government total control. Now they don’t see it that way, but there its is. If you rely completely on the government for your food shelter and support that is control. Even worse people now see these things as their right, and they deserve to subsist on the backs of others at no cost to themselves and they are ok with that .

Who pays for this? Well, all of us who work and pay taxes, but the simple fact is that combined none of us make enough money to pay for all this. And that’s why we have the highest debt ever in the history of the western world right now. These things, welfare social security food stamps WIC and all the endless federally subsidized housing school loans and agriculture subsidies. All the fingers in the all the pies have driven us to this point.

In the end it has to end by our own volition if we are wise or simply over time by its own devastating weight. You cry foul, the government told me they would take care of me and that I had the right to Social security, Student loans, Welfare and unemployment. I mean come one “really”. Step back for just one second and look at this objectively.

How does a program that pays you NOT to work benefit anyone? It doesn’t   unfortunately there is a whole class of people that are content to sit on there butt and do nothing till the end of time, or the end of the pay check depending. Why does the government do this? Not because they care I assure you. They do it to keep you docile and inline and they know they can count on you to support them again and again for ludicrous programs that do little but deplete already scarce or non existent resources. They do this to maintain political power and personnel wealth. Its time for America to put down the crack pipe and take responsibility for themselves. I know crazy idea  but
 if we do not stand on our own feet and take responsibility for our own lives successes and failures we are doomed to a path of ultimate repression and desperate poverty. The constitution is not a guarantee of success but a guarantee of freedom

 We are free to reach our own level of success based on our skills ability desires and luck. You are not owed, or guaranteed a dam thing. Your life sucks because you have made it so, and because you did not overcome whatever it was, your race, religion or personnel circumstance. Not every one will succeed, and many will fail and that is as it should be. In life as in all things, there are winners and losers achievers and slacker’s victors and casualties.

 I fear we are now so far past the point of recovery in the economy, and of our ethics and standards in our lives that the end will be very bad. While I don’t know what combination of factors will serve to escalate the already dire circumstances of the economy and the very peace of the world. I do know that the groundwork has already been laid for the inevitable cataclysm that awaits us, the inevitable defaults of the world economy the break up of the EU the rise of militant Islam, and the Machiavellian machination of the Chinese and the Russians.

 These are dangerous times and the desperate actions of desperate governments and peoples around the world are most likely to result in a global cataclysm unlike any since the fall of the Roman Empire or the invasion of the Mongols.