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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anti Wall Street Protests What Is the Real Message

There is so much anger in general across the country today, and by virtually every segment of the population against Washington in general, and the President and Congress in particular.  One has to wonder that anyone would deliberately fan the flames of what could easily become the next revolution. The only certainty is that as the economic situation becomes worse, the protests will escalate and make it harder for our fearful politicians to make any reductions in any entitlement program that affect any group.    

The paralysis and platitudes of both party’s will remain ineffective, and all the while the economy crumbles under the massive weight of its own inertia, buried in entitlements that we simply cannot afford  and burdened by taxes and regulation preventing the very economic recovery, without which all of our darkest fears may very well come true.

 The protests in New York which seem more like an excuse to party than to change the world, sound childish and filled with vague threats. There ranks filled with ultra liberal factions, unions and others, of the same socialist bent who all seem to take there talking points straight from the pages of the Coming Insurrection.  The “spontaneous” support from the unions and big money liberal organizations and the bizarre coverage by the MSM do not give us a coherent picture of the protests themselves while every politician seems bent on twisting the event to there own purposes.

Protesters say they were inspired by the “Arab Spring” seemly ignoring the implications of the string of violent protests, muslim uprisings and violent revolution they so admire.  The apparent disconnect between the message of this protest  and its effect make the whole thing seem more a political stunt inspired by behind the scenes liberal movers and shakers than any sort of true uprising by the mostly spoiled liberal whiners currently seen on television.
The protest has at least initially been instigated purely for political purposes over the last few months. It also seems clear that the instigators either don’t understand the risks of such an undertaking and the volatile unpredictable nature of such a mob or they don’t care about the continued decline of the United States or maybe that’s really the point.

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