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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Media Bias For Mitt Romney Is Ignored By Most Americans

Americans appear leery of Mitt Romney and Rick Perry as reflected by the recent polls that show Herman Cain generally in the lead with Romney and Perry lagging behind, Despite the major push by the media for Romney. The straw polls clearly indicate that Americans are looking for something besides the same career politicians that have performed so poorly. In asking people who they favor in these still early stages of the process virtually every one has responded in some fashion any one but Obama. On follow-up about the candidates specifically these were the results  

Mitt Romney: He might be better than Obama but we don’t trust him. Romney has name recognition but little else, it seems most feel that he is just another slick rich guy in a suit that has improved his pitch, with little if change to the candidate he was in 2008. Romney’s positions on many issues seem more a reflection of electability, than strong convictions on his part. People lack confidence in his will conviction or ability to actually make needed changes and see just another big government Republican who is too liberal for most conservatives and moderates and apparently not liberal enough for the liberals.

Most of the people I interviewed just didn’t trust Romney. When asked about the fact he is Mormon, generally people didn’t acknowledge it was a factor in the decisions except with fundamentalist Christians.

Rick Perry: Oh my god not another president from Texas! Perry again is another big name republican that the media have been touting since even before his announcement to run . While Perry says many of the things that conservatives want to hear, some of his actions contradict his declaration of conservatism such as the HPV vaccine and the in state tuition for the children of illegal’s. Many want Perry to be what he says he is, conservative, fiscally responsible and small government. Many would like to give him the credit for the excellent Economic condition of Texas but just are not sure at this point.  And, have trust issues with Perry  but not necessarily to the level that they do with Romney. Perry does not seem as attractive with moderates and social liberals, but you can’t please everyone. He may still be a contender but only time will tell.

Michel Bachman: Started off with a bang early on but has been unable to make a coherent statement on any issue of policy or intent. Basically running on the, I’m not Obama platform.  This combined with her vague confusing statements and such plumbs as her “subservience” to her husband have made what initially seemed a promising candidate a lost cause. While it’s too soon to count anyone out, because hey, it’s politics folk’s, but most people seem to have written Bachman off as this point.

Ron Paul: Paul is extremely popular with some Tea party members and economic conservatives if he can move a bit to the center on certain key issues its possible he could be a viable contender for the nomination. Paul has been on the fringes of politics for years despite being a US congressman from Texas since the 70’s. Paul has always seemed to be the perennial outsider, Paul supporters are a small but dedicated group that supports him with the fervor of the true faith and to question Paul’s views is to invite a diatribe upon the virtues of Ron Paul. While many favor his domestic and economic policy’s, his controversial and isolationist foreign policy place him at a disadvantage with many voters due to  his controversial and unpopular views on Israel, Iran, Osama Bin Laden and the possible impeachment of president Obama for the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki..

Herman Cain: Has emerged as a major contender for the republican nomination suprising Republican insiders and the MSM. Cain A virtual unknown just a few months ago has catapulted into the forefront of the race in recent weeks. Cain a successful black business man from humble beginnings, has become the candidate of choice in recent weeks for conservatives, Tea party members and many moderates. Cain’s plainspoken matter of fact approach to his campaign and policy’s appear to have struck a cord with many Americans. Cain’s 999 economic plan and his clearly explained position on the issues is a refreshing change from candidates who refuse to take a position on any issue.   

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