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Monday, September 9, 2013

Obama Follows the Money in Syria

BHO does the bidding of the EU and the Saudi Oil Princes Again, by offering to take out Assad and thwart the economic goals of Russia, China and Syria.  BHO has offered to take out Assad and risk WWIII by opposing Russian and China’s interests in Syria to benefit The Saudis, Turkey and the EU giving them control of existing and proposed oil and gas pipelines running through Syria, ensuring billions of dollars to whoever controls these pipelines .
 The conflict in Syria started like many others during the Arab Spring, much like the movements in Libya and Egypt, al Qaeda has taken control, whatever the cause of the original uprisings. We can debate the original intent of these “uprisings” all day long but the outcome is without doubt one of the most destabilizing and devastating events in history in the Middle East.
 Like the uprisings in Libya and Egypt, al-Qaeda or its sub groups have completely taken over the fighting in Syria. These are facts recognized by every major intelligence agency if not by the American MSM.
 The net effect has resulted in mass deaths and the ruin of the economies and stability that existed in these countries, Syria is no exception.  Syria has been flooded with al qaeda fighters from all over the Middle East in the last decade. The bitter irony here is, these are the very people we have been fighting since 9-11, and that we have now, in a stunning, senseless about face now support and arm the very terrorist’s we have been fighting since 2001 .
Bashar Al Assad is by no means a democratic leader and no one can deny the Assad’s have and do rule the country with a heavy hand. But that is not the point of this article suffice to say that Assad while not a leader we can be proud of, he is undoubtedly a better candidate than the next bunch of al qaeda sponsored terrorists that have done so well (not really) in Egypt and Libya.
This civil war in Syria has been going on for over 2 years at this point, and by some counts the death toll on both sides is somewhere over 100,000.  No one to this point has been very concerned with what happens in Syria, well here in America any way. The sudden interest by Obama supposedly over the questionable reports of chemical weapons use, are suddenly so credible that we (American) has to launch an unprovoked attack on another country with no legitimate justification, in a veiled attempt to topple yet another leader, that we may not like very much but can work with, for another al Qaeda group that seeks to wipe us off the face of the earth.   
Well when you put it that way it makes perfect sense right, well no it really doesn’t, until you follow the money and look at who really benefits from Assad being removed from power.
Saudi Arabia has offered to underwrite the full cost of an invasion of Syria as reported by John Kerry before congress, this is also confirmed by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan who actually made an offer to the Russians offering to buy $15 Billion in weapons from the Russians if they would give up there interest in the existing and proposed new oil and gas pipelines in Syria and join the efforts sponsored by the Saudis to effect a takeover of Syria President Putin refused the offer.
Russia and China have made incredible investments in the region to assure they have access to and can export oil and gas to the EU markets by passing existing pipelines currently controlled by the Saudis and the EU.
No one with any sense believes they will give these up without a fight. Barack Obama is clearly a man filled with an overblown appreciation for his own worth that seems hell bent on embroiling American in a conflict in which we have no interest and that has frightening implications, leading to a larger conflict with Russia and China.