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Monday, October 25, 2010

Impossible Change

There is a flavor in the air, a feeling, that we may be entering a time of change, cultures beliefs ideology's and religions seem opposed and positions have become polarized in, whatever genre you wish too look at. There seem to be few great challenges that engage our society's at a truly gut level. We may have our pet causes and some few may obsess over them but there is no space race, no great society no coming together in the face of adversity.  Hope seems to be in short supply, people fill their lives with inconsequential things, maybe it's always been that way, its hard to tell.  My own faith in the wisdom of our civilization is limited. I believe we think to much of what we have done, our advances have come at such cost to people and too the world. We use things up thoughtlessly  without consideration of the consequences. That's a bad habit whatever your views, it lacks a common sense. I you know that things need to change  why don't you? Will you tell others, yes I saw there were problems but I ignored them. I don't think those people they show on television, you know the neighbors just down the street from the serial killer, they always say oh he seemed so normal, no he didn't, he seemed like an odd ball and that strange smell , all the time coming from the house, but they never say that, do they.No they say," I hadn't a clue" , why you ask because they don't want to be told well why didn't you say something, do, something.  Its easier to just let it slide, we my friends are the generation of letting it slide.

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