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Friday, September 30, 2011

Entering A "NEW" Recession

CNN Money just posted a new story about the economy, brace yourselves.

Forecast says double-dip recession is imminent

Way to step out on a limb there CNN, this is not new. This is a situation that has been obvious to the average American since 2008. In truth we have never actually gotten out of the first recession. The whole fiction that there has been any positive growth in the economy or in job creation is the direct result of careful, manipulated financial data from the FED the BLS and the Department of Labor. Virtually every bit of information released by the white house and reported in the major media is so divorced from the true situation as to be total fantasy.

Wages are down, unemployment is up and there have been so many small businesses close their doors and so many homes foreclosed on , just in my local area that I don’t understand how people can continue to deceive themselves about the true gravity of our situation. It’s even worse that president Obama is trying to con everyone into another job’s bill that is pointless and will never create jobs or improve the economy and increases a debt that is already so astronomically high that we cannot possibly pay it off. The bill is simply another attempt at the appearance of action for political purposes. All we seem to be able to do now is appear to take constructive action we lack the will and integrity to take actual constructive action.

Where are the leaders that will look the issue in the eye, and make the hard choices do the right things not just the popular ones? We passed the precipice on this road to disaster some time ago and there is now, no way to prevent a financial and economic disaster unlike any the world has ever seen. The effects of this will shake the very foundations of societies around the world and what emerges from it will be very different from what we know now.

The level of misinformation and ignorance by most people is staggering. The apathy by many Americans on the consequences of our spendthrift liberal social policy’s is bewildering considering that they will be the ones to howl the loudest when they end and when in reality they contribute the least and consume the most .

Our government is today happily going down the bad road that has already been tried by Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Mao. Yes I know how that sounds but the policy’s that we currently have and many we are either enacting now such as Obama care, the patriot act, the TARP and others are taken directly from Communist Socialist Totalitarian dictatorships. Where is the basic distrust of big government that has always been a defining trait of Americans?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Senseless Policies

Today we see the continuation of senseless policies and actions that subvert the freedom, Independence and the lives of the American people. Obama’s third tarp is an exact duplication of stimulus that has been attempted previously by both him and the Bush administration. The only thing that’s changed is it is less than the previous ones. The TARP has served only to grossly increase an already unsustainable public debt by rewarding the very government’s, company’s and financial institutions that played so great a part in the collapse. This idea that we reward the very systems that exercabated this issue is ludicrous and defies even the laxest standard of  logic or common sense. The unregulated spending to prop up banks insurance company’s investment companies and failing industry are really just symptoms of a the greater illness which is the idea that separating actions from consequences is ever a good idea.

The simple fact of the matter is that the market has crashed the banks have failed and industry in this country is for all intents and purposes dead. The current price of the stock market has no real basis in reality and continues to be the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time. The infusion of borrowed money has served only to benefit the bad actors that purposely caused the very situation that they were saved from. The end result, those who were selected to be saved have more than recouped their losses from the very crash they precipitated. The average American and the average investor have paid the price. Now for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren they will be faced with an insurmountable level of debt that there is zero possibility that it can ever be paid off.

Politicians today are the very example of selfish, corrupt, power-hungry incompetents that we were warned to avoid by the founding fathers. Over fifty percent of Americans have abdicated all responsibility for their own lives and given the local state and federal government complete control and power over their lives.

Political correctness is used as a club to suppress dissent from any who do not subscribe to the theories of social justice. This by racists using the very benefits of freedom of speech action and press they protest when used by their opponents are used to undermine the very fabric of American society.

Theories of inclusiveness and multiculturalism do in fact foster, prejudice, racism and hatred, emphasizing differences in color custom and culture, and is by its very nature divisive and directly opposed to the declaration that all men are created equal.

America’s strength has always been we are ONE people despite our differences. Celebrate diversity is directly opposed to a united anything Celebrate America is what we should be doing. We are all simply Americans; we do not need more hyphenated Americans. We welcome all who come here or live here with an honest intent and are willing to leave the past behind them with the understanding that we choose to be Americans first, before, race, color, tribe or heritage.

Equality and freedom are about treating everyone the same, not about special treatment for a few for whatever reason. All men have the freedom to achieve what they can, each based on their own limitations, ability, desire and circumstance. Freedom is not a guarantee of success, but the opportunity to live your life without interference.