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Friday, September 30, 2011

Entering A "NEW" Recession

CNN Money just posted a new story about the economy, brace yourselves.

Forecast says double-dip recession is imminent

Way to step out on a limb there CNN, this is not new. This is a situation that has been obvious to the average American since 2008. In truth we have never actually gotten out of the first recession. The whole fiction that there has been any positive growth in the economy or in job creation is the direct result of careful, manipulated financial data from the FED the BLS and the Department of Labor. Virtually every bit of information released by the white house and reported in the major media is so divorced from the true situation as to be total fantasy.

Wages are down, unemployment is up and there have been so many small businesses close their doors and so many homes foreclosed on , just in my local area that I don’t understand how people can continue to deceive themselves about the true gravity of our situation. It’s even worse that president Obama is trying to con everyone into another job’s bill that is pointless and will never create jobs or improve the economy and increases a debt that is already so astronomically high that we cannot possibly pay it off. The bill is simply another attempt at the appearance of action for political purposes. All we seem to be able to do now is appear to take constructive action we lack the will and integrity to take actual constructive action.

Where are the leaders that will look the issue in the eye, and make the hard choices do the right things not just the popular ones? We passed the precipice on this road to disaster some time ago and there is now, no way to prevent a financial and economic disaster unlike any the world has ever seen. The effects of this will shake the very foundations of societies around the world and what emerges from it will be very different from what we know now.

The level of misinformation and ignorance by most people is staggering. The apathy by many Americans on the consequences of our spendthrift liberal social policy’s is bewildering considering that they will be the ones to howl the loudest when they end and when in reality they contribute the least and consume the most .

Our government is today happily going down the bad road that has already been tried by Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Mao. Yes I know how that sounds but the policy’s that we currently have and many we are either enacting now such as Obama care, the patriot act, the TARP and others are taken directly from Communist Socialist Totalitarian dictatorships. Where is the basic distrust of big government that has always been a defining trait of Americans?

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