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Saturday, October 1, 2011

American Apathy on the road to serfdom

It is the nature of government to seek to expand itself, it is like the nature of all things to grow and become more. It’s like the tree in your yard that you plant for shade that over time almost unnoticed takes over the whole yard. A little judicial pruning could have over the years kept it in check. For whatever reason you failed to do the pruning. Maybe you were too busy or had other commitments maybe you were just too lazy or didn’t understand that things have to be maintained. For whatever reason you now have a mighty task ahead. What would have once been simple and painless is now a major undertaking requiring a crew of people and the power company.  Because the out of control tree has limbs not only in your yard but the neighbors as well.  You neighbor likes the shade and refuses to let you into there yard to trim the mighty limbs and if you simply cut them you will crush there fence. 

 Such has become our government, extending its reach into every faucet of our lives and step by step over the last seventy years or so it has become a parasite living off the life blood of the American people. Who is to blame? In the end it is “We the people” who are ultimately responsible. Its is we who have been asleep at the switch and have let the government take more and more control over our lives.

 Where did the idea that the government knows best come from? Well from the government of course. There are now several generations of people that have swallowed the fiction that the government knows what its doing and that its looking out for you.

 Many of people have given the government total control. Now they don’t see it that way, but there its is. If you rely completely on the government for your food shelter and support that is control. Even worse people now see these things as their right, and they deserve to subsist on the backs of others at no cost to themselves and they are ok with that .

Who pays for this? Well, all of us who work and pay taxes, but the simple fact is that combined none of us make enough money to pay for all this. And that’s why we have the highest debt ever in the history of the western world right now. These things, welfare social security food stamps WIC and all the endless federally subsidized housing school loans and agriculture subsidies. All the fingers in the all the pies have driven us to this point.

In the end it has to end by our own volition if we are wise or simply over time by its own devastating weight. You cry foul, the government told me they would take care of me and that I had the right to Social security, Student loans, Welfare and unemployment. I mean come one “really”. Step back for just one second and look at this objectively.

How does a program that pays you NOT to work benefit anyone? It doesn’t   unfortunately there is a whole class of people that are content to sit on there butt and do nothing till the end of time, or the end of the pay check depending. Why does the government do this? Not because they care I assure you. They do it to keep you docile and inline and they know they can count on you to support them again and again for ludicrous programs that do little but deplete already scarce or non existent resources. They do this to maintain political power and personnel wealth. Its time for America to put down the crack pipe and take responsibility for themselves. I know crazy idea  but
 if we do not stand on our own feet and take responsibility for our own lives successes and failures we are doomed to a path of ultimate repression and desperate poverty. The constitution is not a guarantee of success but a guarantee of freedom

 We are free to reach our own level of success based on our skills ability desires and luck. You are not owed, or guaranteed a dam thing. Your life sucks because you have made it so, and because you did not overcome whatever it was, your race, religion or personnel circumstance. Not every one will succeed, and many will fail and that is as it should be. In life as in all things, there are winners and losers achievers and slacker’s victors and casualties.

 I fear we are now so far past the point of recovery in the economy, and of our ethics and standards in our lives that the end will be very bad. While I don’t know what combination of factors will serve to escalate the already dire circumstances of the economy and the very peace of the world. I do know that the groundwork has already been laid for the inevitable cataclysm that awaits us, the inevitable defaults of the world economy the break up of the EU the rise of militant Islam, and the Machiavellian machination of the Chinese and the Russians.

 These are dangerous times and the desperate actions of desperate governments and peoples around the world are most likely to result in a global cataclysm unlike any since the fall of the Roman Empire or the invasion of the Mongols.

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