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Thursday, October 6, 2011

No New Taxes during a recession says Obama , BUT

Read my lips no new taxes, famous words that turned out, not to be true for Bush senior and even more not true now.  The candidates don’t seem to get it, the president doesn’t get it and most certainly the house and senate don’t seem to understand people have reached the breaking point where those who work in this country are being penalized for the very fact that they are working. The air in Washington if filled with the smell of fear the elections are coming and politicians of all stripes and party are scrambling to say anything do anything to ensure their survival in the coming election
President Obama drags out the same tired rhetoric he has used for the previous three years and that he uses each time he wants to pass the next stimulus the next package the next bill.
The percentage of Americans who believe the rhetoric grows less and less with his approval rating lower than forty six percent in traditionally democratic states and even lower in swing and republican states the future of his presidency is gravely in doubt.

But it’s not just the Presidents tax and spend approach that’s the problem it’s the same old tax and spend philosophy of the party’s despite the promises and the rhetoric. Taxes keep going up but primarily to the working and middle class while the entitlements never end for the unemployed and the welfare recipients. At this point with rising food costs, inflation, and increasing medical costs due to Obama care.

No one doubts that there a re a few people that need help but one side of the equation believes that help means, doing it all and requiring zero effort of the recipient and providing such  a high standard of living for doing nothing, is an affront to every hard working American.

The government is supposed to support a level playing field not control the outcome. The simple fact is that not every one is willing to do what it takes to enjoy any level of success. The immature and irresponsible refuse to do anything that requires effort or work..

Not everyone is or will be successful, the government cannot fairly administer aid the best the very best the government can do is stay the hell out of the way.

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