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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Signs of Occupy Wall Street from around the county

I myself, wondered what if any message is coming out of the occupy Wall Street movement that has appeared not only in New York but around the country now. I searched Images of the protesters signs, and have included  the sayings, statements and slogans that are variously scrawled painted printed on cardboard and pizza boxes flags and banners and a few nicely printed by unions and other organizations.  I did not find any clearly unifying message but there are some common trends.  People are hurting economically in a lot of ways; they can’t find jobs and are living with friends or parents.    
 People are scared they will lose the little they have now and, are mad that the rich corporations and companies have gotten a bailout at our expense, and that nothing has really changed at the banks or on Wall Street.  In short people are mad as hell and regardless of the mixed message and views of the protesters, the government has to be crapping its pants at the thought of what the protests will look like when the unemployment runs out, or the market finally crashes.
Please take a look and comment on anything that stand out and by all means add to the list for me please. This is just a sample from a few hours of searching. I haven’t changed anything or pick and choose. Enjoy and comment.

Cleveland OH

A job is a right: Fight to get one fight to keep one.

SEIU We are the 99%.

I got 99 problems but the rich got none.

Wheres our loop hole.

Greed will be the end of America

Vote no on issue #2 (Repeals the new Ohio state collective bargaining law)

People over profit.

New York

We are the 99%

Transport union workers votes to support occupy Wall St.

Workers rights are human rights

Regulate Wall St Now.

NO MORE CRIMES in the name of Democracy.

Industrial Civilization is Murder.

A Few Prosper Millions Suffer.

Stop Capitalism.

WAR IN IRAQ Recession
Unemployment  War in Afghanistan.
Who’s Making Money
Wall Street

You are the 99% Join us.

Hey Wall Street Suck my  Debt.

Wall Street Bling-Bling
Americans Bing-Ping Poor.

Hitler’s Bankers Wall Street.

United Against Citizens United.

# Occupy Wall Street.

99% Serve 1% Occupy Wall Street.

I can’t afford a lobbyist I’m the 99%.

I’m a student with $25.000 in school loans I’m the 99%. Socialist party USA.

No more corruption get Corporations out of Law Making.

We are the 99% don’t back down.

Stop the Federal Reserve.

Wall Street and corporations have corrupted the Political Process.

Stop the War on workers (Union)

There IS enough to go around.

O.W.S For a better World.

Wall Street is Our Street.

A job is a right, Capitalism Doesn’t work (Workers World Party)

Due to recent budget cuts the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

Carried interest loop hole
Tax breaks for Bonuses
$ Stock options
CBO Pay inflation.

The people are too big to fail.

Weed not Greed.

Proud Union Mama.

Shit is Fucked Up and Bullshit.

We’ll Create jobs Soon……Someday…..We promise
The Billionaires.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free, Goethe.

Money Hungry Fascist Bankster.

People not Proffits.

Compassion does not exist in a profit driven economy.

As of March 2011 congress has approved $1.288 Trillion for military operations. End War now.

Wall Street 1% We are the other 99%.

Can ordinary people really change government?

People Before Profits.

This Financial district is responsible for most of the poverty and suffering on this Planet!

I won’t believe corporations are people until Texas executes one.
An alternate version of this seen in Dallas reads:” I won’t believe corporations are people until Rick Perry executes one”.

No Frack (I can only assume this applies to gas and oil fracking process or a battle Star Galacticia fan).

Even in a good economy I’m unemployed.

Screw you Mr. CEO. (Unless you’re hiring.)

We demand sweeping unprecedented change.

Were like the tea party only with fewer misspellings.

Don’t bail out Wall Street Bail out the Porta potty on Fulton Street. (City Hall).

Dissent is patriotic.

5 years service to this country, including 2 deployments. 4 years to get my degree. 1 year looking for a job, drained my savings to survive. I would be homeless if I didn’t have people who cared about me I am the 99%.

If you never change your mind why have one ?

No bulls, no bears, only pigs.

America failed as a society because of so called Christians.

Arrested yesterday back today this tide will sweep the nation.

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.
Give me back my future.

Dallas TX

Honkies Why don’t you take you’re asses back to Europe. ( Image Of Che Guevara on the sign Ironic given his position on blacks)

Debt Is Slavery.

Revolt against Socialism

End The Fed.

Class Warfare?

When I Fuck Up who bails me out- No one.

If I had a job I wouldn’t be here.

Rome Burns Again.

Don’t Frack me over.

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  1. clearly the people of america are getting tired of the crap going on not only in the government but on wall street!!!!, about time someone woke up!!! we need more we the people, and more main sreet!!!