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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Muslim Beheads Two Christians in New Jersey Main Stream Media Silent.

Muslim Beheads Two Christians in New Jersey Main Stream Media Silent.

Feb 19th 2013

A Muslim man Kills beheads and cuts off the hands of two Christians immigrants in Jersey city last night the reports from the local ABC affiliate ABC7 says that local residents are shocked and have no idea why the men were killed all three are recent immigrants fleeing the revolution still underway in Egypt.
The two men who were killed and beheaded were Coptic Christians , The killer Yusuf Ibrahim, a Muslim man is in custody at this time. The motivation behind the attack appears to be religious no MSM agency has picked up this story as of yet. It appears that the information lockdown by the MSM and the Obama administration when it comes to Muslim Attacks is still in full force. .

Here is a link to the ABC 7 news video.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Colorado Ignores voters Resistance is coming

Colorado passes socialist gun control measures  as Colorado, joins with other noted bastions of liberty such as California and New York in passing restrictive magazine bans and added burdens that are really hidden taxes on law abiding weapons owners  without addressing any single issue that has been raised  in the wake of the Newtown CT shootings.
Legislators of all socialist stripes have made one of the biggest power grabs against the free citizens of the United States by grabbing for the guns that protect us, the citizens, from an out of control government.   Legislators in many states have jumped on the gun control bandwagon following in the footsteps of Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia seeking their place in the sun, by supporting the Socialist goals of both major parties despite the voracious opposition to such laws by liberty minded people in all walks of life and of many political parties.
 The Republicans have essentially shot themselves in the foot with this one as they move further and further to the left abandoning the laws of the constitution as they seek those millions of Illegal alien and socialist depended voters, As they pander to the socialist media and mainstream dependency zombies who masquerade as free citizens of the united states while they whore themselves out to the highest bidder the base of the party has evaporated.
The base of what once was the Republican party has fractured even further as Liberty minded people, once Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party and Libertarian’s search for a new party. What party you may ask?  That’s the Question there is no party that stands for the constitution for the free citizen who wishes to work live and be left alone.
Many still wait hoping that things will work out for the better, but many more have abandoned all hope in what once was a government for the people by the people and has now become a government regardless of party, bent on the total control and subjugation of the American people.
The time is past where you can change the minds of  socialist liberal progressive give me a living control my life government knows what’s best for me people, they are lost to the message and blessings of freedom, action is all we have left , band together and fight every illegal actions proposed by Obama the congress and state legislatures. After all we are the ones whose taxes are paying for all this foolishness.
Find likeminded people, take action in local politics and bombard you r representative with communications  let them know 2014 is coming.