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Monday, March 29, 2010

TARP Creates jobs OVERSEAS Where are the American Jobs

Ok I have to do a blog about the stimulus for the environmental initiative that was put into the TARP you know the one that was going to create thousands of job here in America doing making homes energy efficient building wind farms and solar farms all across America. That’s what they told us anyway and at the time I didn’t believe it then and it seems not to be true now.

Excerpt : BP, Europe’s second-largest oil company, said March 26 that it’s stopping manufacturing at its Frederick, Maryland, solar plant and cutting 320 jobs because of high costs and declining panel prices. The announcement came seven weeks after London- based BP said the division that includes solar and wind power was losing almost $183,000 an hour.

Solar companies are ramping up manufacturing in Asia even as they take government incentive funds to hire in the U.S. Suntech Power Holdings Co., which got $2.1 million to assemble panels at a 70-worker plant in Arizona, will employ 11,000 people in China to build components. Tempe, Arizona-based First Solar Inc. plans to do 71 percent of its manufacturing hiring in Malaysia after getting $16.3 million in federal funding to hire 200 people at an Ohio plant.

The millions of dollars we pumped into this have gone where, overseas to china and Malaysia and other countries where the pay some poor Indian or Malaysian or Chinese ten bucks a day to put stuff together with his feet, why you asked because we don’t build anything here anymore .

We don’t we don’t build cars or planes or pencils for gods sakes American manufacturing has been in the shitter for years, why you ask? Several reasons the cost of labor has gone up dramatically here, it’s just cheaper to manufacture overseas.

The companies here don’t care about the country, the towns they work in or the people working for them, they care about profit. Cooperate ethics is a ten minute segment of the business course no one pays atention to because hey we know the corperations are above the law.

Profit for the multinational company why do they call it multinational why because it’s not really based in any one country it owes no allegiance to any one country its only loyalty and motive is profit by any means at any human environmental or economic cost dam the consequences to the workers there families the communities they are in and the countries that host them.

And after they have bled the area dry of resources devastated the environment and ruined the local economy they move on to the next place the next country the next profit.

Corporations owe a responsibility to their workers and there families the communities that host them the countries there are in and to the world as a whole. There was a time in America and around the world that this was understood, not always and the ruthless robber barons have time after time done great wrongs and sadly have never been held to account for their actions but enough good honest men and women were there to make a difference.

Sadly all we get these days is bread and circuses smoke and mirrors, when will the American people realize we do not have to settle for this and that we have the power to change the government and the world, what sacrifice is too much what degradation too horrible to bear what lie is too much

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