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Monday, March 22, 2010

States Reduce Services to Poor

Minimal attention that is being shown by the media to the budgets crisis that is happening across the country and the massive impacts that this is having and will have across the country.

“Taxes are being raised. Draconian cuts in services are being made. Public employees are being fired. The tissue-thin national economic recovery is being undermined. And in many cases, the most vulnerable populations — the sick, the elderly, the young and the poor — are getting badly hurt.”

There will be more cuts that affect the poor the young and the middle and lower incomes. Truly we have the best government money can buy, and to that extent they are taking care of their constituents there constituents’ being big business and the rich, and we have politicians lining their own pockets spending their terms in office and then moving out into multimillion dollar lobbyist jobs and jobs working for the very company’s there are supposed to be providing oversight on.

The headlines when you can find them are grim prices continue to rise dramatically across the board for everyday goods that we all use but somehow don’t make the consumer price index. Real working people who make twenty to thirty to thousand dollars see their marginal incomes eroded further each day.

I don’t sense that our government really cares or they even really understand the hopelessness that more and more Americans feel every day. What further events will bring we can only wait and see

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