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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From The Soapbox

Think of these things as you go about your day.

There are simple truths good people do good things bad people do bad things. The intent is in the action. One is known by their actions not their words. Treat others as you would be treated. We are judged by how we treat the least among us not by how we treat the best or the brightest. The love of money is the root of all evil; add to this power and envy and greed of all things. Our needs are simple shelter food health and love. Work is what we do to feed and care for ourselves work above providing for our basic needs should be a gift not a burden. Desire is a curse. The desire of things for mere possession is or should be abhorrent to us all, un- checked desire is a crime. There are absolutes of good and of evil. You cannot buy character. Faith Hope and Love are the most important words in the world, Have faith, Give Hope and Love like there is no tomorrow because nothing is guaranteed. Do not live every day like it was the last instead live it like it is the first, full of joy and wonder and delight with what is. Glory in the world every day as it is unique and will never come again. Finally, believe in something good, fight for what is right, stand for what is just.

Today is opinion day. I am at saturation on the news and events leading to probable major economic collapse in this country, and actually feel that we have past the point of no return. My mind wanders to will I still have a job in 18 months, this is the arbitrary date that I have set in my own mind as the latest possible time for one of the many balls in the air to drop, be it a war in Iran the crash of the EU or the crash of the former eastern bloc countries or even China.

At this point there are very few sound economy’s left in the world everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. Banks no longer serve as true banks but are now just the local branch of the stock exchange.

Remember it’s not just banks but schools and collages everyone is mortgaged to the hilt because it just made so much sense to borrow every dime you could and invest invest invest why the market always goes up ye ha jump on the band wagon.

Reality is, the banks and business should have, must have been allowed to stand or fall on their own whatever the effect would have been, it will now be far worse because we have nothing left to give they have taken it all.

We now will face even more massive unemployment layoffs and people will have no benefits. You will see that in every case this has ever happened anywhere anytime in the world the poor the middle class all those except of the rich have suffered untold cruelty and misery. Where are the ideals of the great men of history of Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, T.R and FDR, Wilson.

Congress has failed us as have the presidents at this point Obama seems to be providing the same ineffective leadership that we have had for so long. The simple case is that our government has been taken over by the banks the businesses and Wall Street. Even the Supreme Court has failed us giving the business free reign to contribute as they will to any campaign (yes I know that’s not what they said but that’s what it will do). They have effectively given every election in this country to big business. You will now see every elected official vying for the money available they will take over every elected position in the country affecting local courts as well as national ones.

Public service is just that, in service to the public no one should or was ever supposed to get rich off of public office.

Businesses have been given the considerable tax advantages they have in order to benefit the public good. Corporations have a responsibility to the nation the communities they are in and their employees.

Businesses were not given these advantages in order to rape and pillage their way across the country and the world. The pittance that these mega corperations contribute is nothing compared the money they make.

As Orwell said “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

There is no vestige of common sense or responsibility left in our government the very few that do have the genuine concern for the welfare of there constituents are powerless to affect any change. Until unless We the people take back our government, our values freedoms and possibly our very existence is in doubt. The only thing that allows this farce to continue is the fact that we allow it, we have the power to vote all these jackasses out of office and I mean all of them. We need some real everyday people in office so give up your delusions of having the poster boy or girl candidate in office. Pick real people who have worked and cried and succeed and even by god failed because we learn from our mistakes so much more than we do our successes. If your candidate does not vote the way you tell him to vote his or her ass out of office. Yell scream holler and cuss if you have to, get your family friends and neighbors to do it too. We outnumber the government the banks and the business’s take a hand in the destiny of the country its ours, take it the hell back.

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