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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Media Ignores State Financial Misconduct

While I am currently working on a new article about the massive budgets deficits that 48 of the 50 states currently have, the expected deficits this year as well and into 2011 as well, I have noticed an ever growing trend of virtually every major city in the country proposing either massive budget cuts that affect city services or major tax increases or both. Nowhere have I see any real reporting by the main stream media about why just about every city and state is in financial crises that is only going to get worse in the coming months.

All governments, Federal, State and local seem to have two things in common the first is that they invest our hard earned tax dollars into what have turned out to be poor investments, and second they spend every dollar that comes in the door , I mean every dollar not just on infrastructure ,like roads and bridges sewers and water, actually the trend has been they have spent less and less money on infrastructure and more on social programs.

I do not doubt the need for such programs, I doubt the management and the waste of everything the government does. Take for example what happens if an administrator is wise and frugal and does a good job and actually doesn’t use all the money in their budget for the year, are they rewarded no they are punished the budget is actually cut by that amount the next year . This encourages waste because they are by god going to spend every single dime they get and ask for more next year saying it was not enough.

So why is there no reporting on this issue essentially the times were good and every one spent or invested all the money, now times are bad and there all broke. I challenge you to try this in your personnel finances, if you did you will shortly find yourself broke or in jail maybe both. How can we hold our government to a lesser standard than we ourselves must adhere to.

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