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Saturday, March 6, 2010

BLS Snow job on the Jobless Numbers in February

BLS reports jobless rates inflated due the February snow. The snow indeed has fallen like a blanket across the white house and federal government. All major media outlets have jumped on the bandwagon and report that everything is really much better. Never mind they report the national average for unemployment is around 9% when it is really over 16% close to 17%. Also they lay the ground work to blame the march report again on the February snows and no one is even mentioning the fact that march numbers will show a gigantic drop in unemployment due to the hiring of 3.8 million temporary census workers for the 2010 census.

There are still over 17 million unemployed in this country and probably more to come. Obviously they believe the average American to be an idiot and having seen the lack of public response to the blatant propaganda coming from the government and frrm wall street I would have to agree.


Nonfarm payroll employment was little changed (-36,000) in February, 9.7 percent overall, Employment fell in construction and information, while temporary help services added jobs. Severe winter weather in parts of the country may have affected payroll employment and hours; however,(Bold underline added) it is not
possible to quantify precisely the net impact of the winter storms on these measures. For more information on the effects of the severe weather on employment estimates, see the box note at the end of the release.

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