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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inflation Food and Energy

I was looking for information on what the actual rate inflation , not what we hear on the news. You only have to go to the store buy a gallon of gas a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk to be able to tell that there is something fundamentally wrong with the numbers coming out of Washington these days.  I think the explanation is very well thought out and I recommend reading the whole article.

The folling is an excerpt of an article by By Jerome R. Corsi at World Net Daily

What's America's real inflation rate?

Why is it that the federal government says the U.S. has virtually no inflation – less that 2 percent – but everything keeps getting more expensive, especially food and gasoline?

When removing expensive items from the CPI market basket of goods and services was not enough to depress inflation numbers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics innovated even more, changing the "weighted factors" used in calculating CPI statistics, so the results end up under-reporting the true inflation people experience in everyday living.

So, when you wonder why food and gasoline cost so much when the government says inflation is low, just remember: You are being lied to – something we suspect you figured out long ago, just by going to the supermarket.

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