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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So I had a thought today , rare I know  but stay with me on this , I am not asking my representatives to merely vote no  on any proposed legislation affecting our 2nd amendment rights. I am not merely asking them to respect, support and defend the constitution, something by the way, I shouldn't have to ask any representative to do at any level, as they ALL swore an oath to do this when they entered office.
I am TELLING my representatives, all of them, at the local state and federal levels, that I DEMAND they loudly, voraciously, and without hesitation mercy or consideration defend to their last drop of blood, the Constitution of the United States as written in general and the 2nd amendment in particular. I expect them to sacrifice their personnel honor and very lives if necessary, as well as the future of their family and any hope for their political career. I demand a total committed defense of our rights, defense of the constitution and to honor of their own oaths, just as I and millions of other have as veterans and law enforcement officers have done as many have made the greatest sacrifice.
We the people must hold them accountable; public service is just that in service to the public, it supposed to be a service a sacrifice not a winning ticket to the lottery. Public service is a sacred honor and should be considered and acted as such by anyone who holds any office. Anyone that does not represent the highest ideals of freedom as written in the constitution does not deserve to be in office. Any representative who does not truly represent  their constituents the people agreeing,  should then be removed from office as soon as possible through  recall of office election, pressure and if all others fail we must avail ourselves of our revolutionary right to remove them by force.
If these our representatives have not made clear  unambiguous  direct statements devoid of the normal political maneuvering ,If these statements are not clearly stated on their website, face book page, appeared in the news  in the paper and on a billboard forty feet high they are just playing politics as usual.
I demand their utmost efforts not just lip service 

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