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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cheap Clean Energy May Bloom in Silicon Valley

Bloom Energy one of the new pioneering company's in clean energy technology is all set to unveil its Bloom box electricity generators on Wednesday in advance of the grand event CBS 60 minutes aired a segment on its Sunday show. The brains behind the new device is former NASA scientist Dr. K.R. Shirdhar  who is an entrepreneur and engineering expert. He is the principal co-founder and CEO of Bloom Energy. At NASA, he helped develop and design  nanotechnology for use in planetary missions. Such as the now defunct Moon and Mars missions. He has been recognized by “Fortune Magazine”, as one of the top five futurists in developing new technology.  The small device in his hands is the new electrical generator that can power the average home for a total cost Dr. Shidhar estimates of around $3000.00 dollars. The technology is radically new and produces an inexpensive power source that can be fueled by natural gas or just about any other gas the implications of this new technology could be staggering if it works as promised .

Goggle cooperate head quarters has been testing several larger industrial versions of the bloom boxes as well as Wal-Mart, E-bay and  FedEx, Goggle has been testing them since 2008 with great success. One of the disturbing implications here is that GE and some of the other large company's have there eye on this technology as well. Rest assured none of the Mega cooperations have any but there own interest at heart.

This technology or something like it could very well change the face of society as we know it however vast the implications are for the western world. The truly incredible impact of cheap clean efficient electricity not tied to the grid could dramatically reduce  third world energy problems. Now that Dr Shidar has proven the theory others will no doubt jump on the band wagon.

Dr Shidar has partnered with some big names in this project that is rumored to have cost some where in the range of over five hundred million dollars. John Doerr from one of the big venture capitol firms in the silicon valley as well as former Secretary of state Colin Powell who is on the board of directors. Watch the video at the 60 minutes link, its amazing and at the Bloom Energy site a clock counts down to the grand opening of what may be a truly revolutionary idea.

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