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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

World View

In the face of past and ongoing events it seems clear that our current societies here in America and also society’s around the world are not tenable. The issues of the day, weak global economy (the fact there is a global economy in the first place) global warming pollution yes no maybe? The dehumanizing effects of the modern city and modern culture indicate that as the song says change is gonna come. With the fall of communism, socialism and implosion of capitalism it seems clear that the era of big government is over. It may kill us all with its death throes but it’s over.
Regardless on which side of the global warming issue you’re on. No one can deny the effects of polluting our water supply. The toxic sludge we pump into the water air and soil, or the irresponsible actions of all industry. To name a few, Oil and gas companies, logging industry the chemical and petro chemical industry. I make no exceptions here, American, German, Russian, and Chinese, it’s all the same.
Do what you must to make the mighty dollar or euro as the case may be and dam the consequences the environment, the worker, the consumer and the country (insert yours here). Money and power are the coin of the realm. The amounts of money obscene to any ordinary reasonably sane person. To whom much is given much is expected and the golden rule no longer applies, if they ever did.

We have become a society of locusts here in America. We can’t imagine for the most part the end of the lifestyle we enjoy or the end of the resources that provide them. Let’s face it we have been raping this continent from the moment we stepped onto it. I know, I know not what we white bread conquerors want to hear but it’s true.
We are the descendents (many of us) of people who carved lives out of the wilderness of this continent who knew no other way than to battle the environment into submission. We culturally, almost in our bones have a belief that we can achieve anything, and that we should be allowed to and we can produce engineer or build our way out of anything. The fact we have had fantastic successes over the last 234 years only reinforces this conventional wisdom.
We have also infected, or inspired the world depending on your viewpoint, of our way of doing things. They way we talk the way we dress the way we do business the way we live our lives. Countries and cultures around the world decry our way of life, our choices and even in the poorest community’s a higher standard of living than most of the word enjoys.

The myth that big brother will save you has ended, it didn’t save the people in the towers or the people in New Orleans or the people in Indonesia or the people in China or Rwanda or the Congo or Burma Pakistan India France England and they will not save you. We have given an undeserved and ill advised amount of power to government’s that are unable to deliver.

There are no answers here just questions and hopes and fears.

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