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Thursday, December 9, 2010

No Compromise On Obama Compromise

No we will not continue to funnel money, to the rich. they had the bail out, they had there tax cuts . now shut the hell up.

The idiotic lie that trickledown economics benefits us all is old and tired. The top 2 percent of the income bracket have 23% of total income. How much more money do we need to give these people to get them to start the Magic businesses that will save us all . Bull crap. Obama can keep his compromise bill and the rich can stick it. Ok Republicans, go ahead don’t give the middle class the tax cut, oh and don’t renew unemployment, ( even though both these things would benefit the economy, because they need this money to pay bills, buy milk they cant save it ) when the people who cant find a job because there aren’t any come for you, because guess what there’s no hope either, lets see what you tell them when they beat you to death with our own tired rhetoric and excuses. lets not forget your more of the same jackasses that sent all the jobs overseas in the first place .

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